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RiVidium’s contract vehicles and commercial price list.


RiVidium Contract Vehicles are contracts that allow Team RiVidium to work with your organization using major funding vehicles.

The Army Material Command (AMC), Communications Electronics Command (CECOM), Software Engineering Center (SEC), has a requirement for next generation Systems and Software Engineering Support (SSES NexGen).

The Communications Electronics Command (CECOM) Software Engineering Center (SEC) provides systems and software engineering support for many customers including, most prominently, Army Program Executive Officers (PEOs) and their Project Managers (PMs), the Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA) and its components and other Department of Defense (DoD) elements.

The current contract provides support services to various divisions. This support includes automated battlefield systems support for the Communications Software Engineering Support Division, generic software process technologies, such as metrics, reuse, reengineering, software support tools and practices for the Engineering Support Division. This contract also supports the Command and Control Software Engineering Support Division's Army Tactical Command and Control System (ATCCS) nodal systems and ATCCS Common Hardware Software Components programs. The requirements of the Army Interoperability Network (AIN) Division are for systems and interface specifications, materials development plans and simulation modeling programs.

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