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RiVidium’s Contract Vehicles

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RiVidium’s contract vehicles and commercial price list.


RiVidium Contract Vehicles are contracts that allow Team RiVidium to work with your organization using major funding vehicles.

RiVidium is a team member of the R2-3G multiple award IDIQ contract with a combined ceiling of $16.4 billion over a five year period. The U.S. Army's Communications and Electronic Command's (CECOM) R2-3G vehicle is a follow on to CECOM's Rapid Response Program (CR2).R2-3G provides a streamlined task order process that allows agencies to rapidly obtain contractor services in support of urgent requirements and will support to the Department of Defense (DOD), other Federal agencies, and if authorized by specific legislation, State and Local Governments. Functional areas covered under the contract include but not limited to technology insertion, system integration and installation, fabrication and prototyping, testing and certification, studies and analyses, logistic support, and training and engineering support that includes re-engineering and reverse engineering. RiVidium looks forward to supporting our warfighters through this simplified acquisition procees.

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