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RiVidium’s Human Resource Support Division provides government clients with innovative technology solutions to solve Government's most demanding HR challenges. With a mindful eye on the constant pressure placed on government HR organizations to optimize their processes and structure, RiVidium’s HR Workforce Team is anchored by innovative SharePoint Technologies, a dynamic Human Capital Management technology delivery that couples Business Intelligence, strategic planning, and HR recruitment for our valued clients.

RiVidium’s HR Government Solutions delivers outsourcing and consulting solutions in branding, talent management and acquisition, retention, efficiency, and diversity. We can help you define what your needs are, and then offer unique solutions to aid you in accomplishing your mission.

Our team also provides proven technologies in the HR arena, including Web-based Internet Recruiting, Pre-Employment Screening, and Online Training. This collaborative effort results in a full-service solution for your workforce optimization and human capital management needs. All of these products are available on GSA Schedule.

RiVidium understands the unique challenges associated with Human Resources and offers the technical expertise that government agencies require so that they can effectively execute HR programs. At RiVidium, we are committed to providing our clients with total solutions reflected in our experienced personnel, corporate approach, and responsive management. We are dedicated to quality services, personal integrity, and cost effectiveness. Our HR capabilities portfolio includes:

  • Planning
  • Recruitment and Internal Placement
  • Position Classification
  • Personnel Actions
  • Training
  • Employee Relations
  • Outplacement

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RiVidium Inc. is the right team to support all your HR needs. We have the experience and the personnel for providing premier Human Resources Services and Oversight. All of our Human Resources Consultants are certified professionals that have a broad and in-depth knowledge of the HR functions. Our HR team emphasizes practical solutions that adhere to industry best practices. We design, develop and implement workforce solutions that improve productivity in any organization without disrupting your normal workflow. Download our GSA 738-X Pricing Catalog Here. Our portfolio of support includes the following areas:

Human Resource Planning

  1. Provide systemic approaches to organizing and structuring new and realigned organizations.
  2. Perform systemic approaches for workforce projections that include identification of required functions, workload, compensation ranges, and recruitment and staffing sources by location.
  3. Coordinate with aligned functions, including budget planning and space planning.

Recruitment and Internal Placement

  1. Provide comprehensive support for Federal, competitive Civil Service, and excepted service recruiting and staffing.
  2. Perform strategic consulting related to qualification requirements, recruitment sources, and applicable automation tools and timeframes.
  3. Conduct job analyses and develop vacancy announcements.

Position Classification

  1. Conduct in-depth fact-finding of new and restructured functions.
  2. Describe discrete positions and develop career position descriptions, as needed, to recruit, develop, and retain well-qualified individuals through the full performance level.
  3. Develop subject matter expert, supervisory, and managerial position descriptions and evaluation statements covering a wide range of Federal government occupations.
  4. Provide advice and assistance in ensuring that organizational structures provide efficiency and effectiveness for performance of agencies’ strategic goals and objectives.

Personnel Actions

Perform routine personnel transactions associated with benefits enrollments, beneficiary designations, and related staffing actions, executed in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations and Office of Personnel Management (OPM) guides.


We conduct a full range of services in HR-specific training support, which includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Provide advice, guidance and assistance to supervisors and employees, as well as HR/personnel staff in managing self-improvement training resources
  2. Provide assistance in identifying training needs and requirements
  3. Coordinate the availability of various training programs
  4. Counsel management and employees to determine the best and most cost-effective methods of meeting organizational and career developmental needs
  5. Recommend, design, and/or conduct training programs

Employee Relations

  1. Provide advice and assistance to ensure work life programs and employee performance, conduct and suitability comport with agency policies and Federal guidelines
  2. Assist with casework to determine relevant facts and document basis for recommended actions
  3. Develop and provide employee relations training to supervisors and managers


  1. Perform personnel outplacement planning and administration related to reorganizations, transfers of functions, and downsizing, including reductions in force.
  2. Perform or coordinate relevant training, knowledge and skill assessments, job aptitude/interest inventories, resume writing and interview workshops, counseling, stress management, financial education and retirement assistance.

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