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Cyber & Intelligence

Defensive, Offensive and C4ISR Expertise


Infrastructure Protection, Incident Response, Assessments, “Deep Analysis.”


Our Cyber Security Services configures and validates systems as well as testing security products and systems to detect security weakness. We conduct audits to ensure systems are being operated securely and computer security policies and procedures are being implemented as defined in security plans. Our Cyber Security Subject Matter Experts (SME) prepare materials and responds to request for computer security education/awareness programs. We are experts in analyzing mission requirements, securing architecture designs, organizational and vulnerability assessments, intelligence and threat analysis, and system security/network analysis. We perform incident and related disciplines to investigate and analyze all response activities related to cyber incidents such as creating and maintaining incident tracking information; planning, coordinating and directing recovery activities; and incident analysis tasks, including examining all available information and supporting evidence or artifacts related to an incident or event, and integrating analysis of cyber security features as it relates to existing systems as well as future needs and trends. Our Cyber Security service offerings cover the following service areas (SAs):

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SA 1 - Penetration Testing

  • Network/System Administration
  • Cyber Security Intelligence
  • Cyber Analysis
  • Intrusion/Threat Detection
  • Red/Blue Team Engineering
  • Penetration Testing

SA 2 - Incident Response

  • Incidence Response Team
  • Cyber Watch
  • SOC Coordination
  • Risk Auditing
  • Forensic Analysis

SA 3 - Cyber Hunt

  • Information Assurance Compliance
  • Cyber Hunt Analysis
  • Cyber Training
  • Mobile Security Testing

SA 4 - Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

  • Risk Scoring
  • Access Path Discovery
  • Cyber Compliance
  • Establish Cyber Operating Standards
  • Policy Review
  • Incident Response & Investigation Models
  • NIST RMF Assessment

RiVidium supports the Warfighter in and out of theatre in many intelligence roles. We collect, analyze, and exploit signals intelligence (SIGINT) data to advance situational awareness, improve mission planning, and deliver an operational advantage for our Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD) customers. We develop highly specialized digital signal processing (DSP) solutions and analytics tools to support our Warfighters. We are positioned to deliver advanced solutions and products to address the convergence of cyber, electronic warfare, and SIGINT through our patented TripleCyber® solution. We use advanced learning techniques and artificial intelligence to rapidly exploit vast volumes of data and deliver actionable intelligence. Our Intelligence service offerings cover the following service areas (SAs):

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SA 1 - Radio Frequency Analysis

  • Signal Collection
  • Signal Exploitation
  • Signal Reporting
  • Signal Processing
  • Signal Recognition

SA 2 - Deep Analysis

  • Collection Processing
  • Collection Analysis
  • Fusion Analysis
  • Signal Visualization
  • Pattern Detection

SA 3 - Operational Management

  • SIGINT Support
  • SIGINT Collection
  • SIGINT Processing
  • SIGINT Dissemination
  • Virtualized Signal Processing

SA 4 -Tactical Integration

  • Rapid SIGINT Integration
  • Sensor Systems
  • SIGINT Antenna Integration
  • Prototyping
  • Mission Planning Support
  • Battlefield Forensics
  • Forecast Societal Events

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