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Shared Services

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Shared Service Are:

A way to share resources more efficiently across your business operations.


“Shared Services” is a business model for delivery of common back office administrative services such as human resources (HR) and common mission-support services in which customer organizations receive services from experienced third party providers with high capacity platforms who can serve multiple customers more cost-effectively than individual customers can serve themselves.

RiVidium has developed and enhanced its Shared Services model for the delivery of human resources operations to federal clients. RiVidium maintains a cadre of staffing specialists, classification specialists, and personnel processors that can perform services for multiple federal agencies simultaneously and remotely. For example, one Classifier may work on classification actions for the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Defense.

The primary advantage of a shared services concept is greater efficiency and more effective use of resources; therefore, cost savings. Additionally, personnel providing the services gain training and experience, providing better service to all customers. Global experience with shared services has indicated a typical cost savings of 25% to 40% and better service over other models. Additionally, the expansion of IT cloud services and remote technology supports continued expansion of the shared services concept.

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