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Blackboard Administrator

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Requisition #: 000662221

Job Title: Blackboard Administrator

Job Description:


  • Ensures the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of assigned computer systems in support of the project or program (Blackboard).
  • Installs new software releases and system upgrades, evaluates and installs patches, and resolves software-related problems.
  • Track instructor certification and maintain instructor/student permissions within Blackboard.
  • Upload, maintain, and modify courseware/examinations as needed.
  • Performs system backups and recovery.
  • Maintains data files and monitors system configuration to ensure data integrity.
  • Ensures implementation of system security measures.
  • Troubleshoots networking and operating system problems (Tier 2 Support for Recruiting and Retention College).
  • General experience will include operations experience on large-scale computer systems or multi-server local area networks.
  • Research Blackboard tools and capabilities to improve Blackboard operations

Education/Special Requirements

  • The Contractor is responsible for ensuring the Blackboard Administrator shall possess a Bachelor's Degree with Blackboard Administration experience,
    • or in lieu of Bachelor's, and Associate's Degree with three years Blackboard Administration experience.
  • Additionally,

    • prior recruiting command experience

    • prior experience working in Blackboard,

    • a good working knowledge of computer operations,

    • overall working experience with Microsoft Office programs,

    • and other associated software and specified web-based applications

    • and outstanding communicative skills (verbal & nonverbal) certification during the execution of this TO.


Specific Tasks

  • The Contractor shall configure and support the Blackboard environment throughout the RRC.
  • The Contractor shall coordinate with students and college staff through email, phone calls, and in the classroom to resolve issues, provide system updates, and provide Blackboard training.
  • The Contractor shall perform Blackboard functions that include: create user accounts: i.e. batch create users, change passwords, customize information, make announcements, and other Blackboard available functions.
  • The Contractor shall collaborate with training developers and instructor/writers to support course development and design in accordance with Blackboard guidance/SOP.
  • The Contractor shall track all Blackboard configuration and enhancement changes.  The changes shall be included and tracked as part of the TOSR.
  • The Contractor shall collaborate with extended Blackboard community through email, meetings, and phone calls to stay current with Blackboard operations.
  • The Contractor shall maintain a current roster of all personnel assigned that require access to Blackboard and the level of training completed and roles assigned. 
  • The Contractor shall assign user rights in accordance with level of training, roles, and SOP.
  • The Contractor shall maintain the RRC Blackboard SOP and make updated recommendations to the training directorate.
  • The Contractor shall research Blackboard tools that are available and make recommendation on their use.
  • The Contractor shall maintain adaptive control over all test in accordance with Test Control SOP and Blackboard SOP.
  • The Contractor shall prepare and deliver in person Blackboard training to college personnel as needed.
  • The Contractor shall resolve Blackboard trouble tickets within 24 hours. The Contractor will serve as the Tier 2 Army Training Help Desk Agent for all RRC courses.
  • The Contractor shall notify the RRC of any unscheduled Blackboard outages and/or future scheduled outages

Security Clearance

  • Tier 1 background check




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