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Policy Data Technician

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Requisition #: 000862221

Job Title: Policy Data Technician

Job Description:

Our Policy Data Technician will:

  • Drive efficiency and accountability in task management
  • Tracking correspondence and staffing packages
  • Preliminary coordination of policy and the formal OSD policy issuance process

You will:

  • Continually monitor the publications box for incoming issuances, questions, and RFIs, promptly processing, posting to appropriate portals, and assigning to action officers per assigned portfolios via NIPRnet or SIPRnet policy portals or JWICS email when classification warrants.
  • Set suspenses consistent with DoDI 5025.01 guidelines, confirm action officer receipt, and track suspenses on a consolidated calendar and Excel spreadsheet, following up to ensure external suspense dates are met and updating the Policy Focal Point daily
  • Create portal accounts and update accesses on assignment of any new task, on close-out of an issuance, or on assignment of new staff to the Policy Division, keeping an up-to-date record of accesses and permissions while protecting PII
  • Provide portal help-desk and data entry support to ensure the proper functioning and prompt completion of tasks, conducting training by request
  • Maintain a file plan for all key Policy documents, coordinating with OUSD(I&S) ExecSec to ensure compliance with the OUSD(I&S) records management plan
  • Prepare and monitor all CATMS actions and reports, assign tasks per portfolio, coordinate stakeholder input, manage responses to that coordination, and track the completion of tasks


  • Review issuance coordination requests & post to policy portals
  • Assign per portfolio assignments
  • Tasks started and assigned in Policy portal
  • Requesting org informed of status 5.15
  • Coordinate classified issuances
  • Grant Portal access
  • Authenticate users, assign permissions, provide admin site maintenance, helpdesk support, data entry
  • Tasks started and assigned in JWICS email
  • Requesting org informed
  • Accounts and groups assigned with appropriate permission

Security Clearance

  • TS/SCI


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