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Counterintelligence Policy Analyst

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Requisition #: 001570721

Job Title: Counterintelligence Policy Analyst

Job Description:


  • Active top secret (TS) security clearance with sensitive compartmented information (SCI) eligibility and current background investigation
  • 10 years of experience working with DoD CI criminal investigations, counterespionage/counterterrorism operations, CI collections, CI functional services, and associated DoD CI policies, executive orders, and federal laws
  • One year of experience developing briefing materials and presenting to peers and senior leadership in areas including policy, strategy, oversight functions, capability gaps. One year of experience supporting senior DoD officials as a staff and/or action officer.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively via written reports, verbal discussions, and formal presentations
  • One year of experience conducting research and analysis of DoD policy/guidance documents and legal decisions


  • Provide expert guidance to the OUSD(I&S) Counterintelligence and Law Enforcement (CI&LE) Directorate seniors and staff on DoD counterintelligence (CI) policy development, strategic planning, mission management, functional integration, and internal Directorate operations.
  • Develop, revise, and staff CI policy issuances for the informal, formal and signature processes.
  • Ensure comments are properly adjudicated and promulgated within the provision of the Office of the Director, Administration and Management (ODA&M) guidelines and timeliness standards for DoD Policy directives and instructions.
  • Work with senior CI&LE Directorate personnel to perform CI policy oversight inspections for all DoD components with an organic CI capability and prepares written reports on the results of these inspections.
  • Identify CI best practices to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness of the DoD CI enterprise, and monitor components efforts to address identified deficiencies to become policy compliant.
  • Research and draft responses to questions related to DoD CI issues for senior DoD officials and other DoD stakeholders.
  • Prepare and coordinate staff actions, information papers and official memorandums for distribution within DoD and the Intelligence Community.


  • Pentagon, Arlington, VA
  • Mark Center, Alexandria, VA
  • Quantico, VA


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