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Network Operations Specialist - Intermediate

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Requisition #: OM-NET-001-2 (NCR)

Job Title: Network Operations Specialist - Intermediate

Job Description:

LOCATION:  National Capital Region - Washington, DC or Northern Virginia




Plans, implements, and operates network services/systems, to include hardware and virtual environments.


  • Configure and optimize network hubs, routers, and switches (e.g., higher-level protocols, tunneling).
  • Develop and implement network backup and recovery procedures.
  •  Diagnose network connectivity problem.
  • Implement new system design procedures, test procedures, and quality standards.
  • Install and maintain network infrastructure device operating system software (e.g., IOS, firmware).
  • Install or replace network hubs, routers, and switches.
  • Integrate new systems into existing network architecture.
  •  Monitor network capacity and performance.
  • Patch network vulnerabilities to ensure that information is safeguarded against outside parties.
  • Provide feedback on network requirements, including network architecture and infrastructure.
  • Test and maintain network infrastructure including software and hardware devices.


  • Ability to operate network equipment including hubs, routers, switches, bridges, servers, transmission media, and related hardware.
  • Ability to operate common network tools (e.g., ping, traceroute, nslookup).
  • Ability to execute OS command line (e.g., ipconfig, netstat, dir, nbtstat).
  • Ability to operate the organization's LAN/WAN pathways.
  •  Ability to monitor measures or indicators of system performance and availability.
  • Ability to operate different electronic communication systems and methods (e.g., e-mail, VOIP, IM, web forums, Direct Video Broadcasts).
  •  Ability to monitor traffic flows across the network.
  • Ability to interpret the information collected by network tools (e.g. Nslookup, Ping, and Traceroute).


Associate degree or higher from an accredited college or university

Prefer an accredited Computer Science, Cyber Security, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Information Systems, or Computer Engineering degree; or a degree in a Mathematics or Engineering field.


IAT Level 2


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