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Knowledge Manager - Advanced

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Requisition #: OM-KMG-001-1 (STL)

Job Title: Knowledge Manager - Advanced

Job Description:

LOCATION:  Saint Louis, Missouri




Responsible for the management and administration of processes and tools that enable the organization to identify, document, and access intellectual capital and information content.


T0037: Construct access paths to suites of information (e.g., link pages) to facilitate access by end-users.

T0060: Develop an understanding of the needs and requirements of information end-users.

T0154: Monitor and report the usage of knowledge management assets and resources.

T0185: Plan and manage the delivery of knowledge management projects.

T0209: Provide recommendations on data structures and databases that ensure correct and quality production of reports/management information. T0339: Lead efforts to promote the organization's use of knowledge management and information sharing.

T0421: Manage the indexing/cataloguing, storage, and access of explicit organizational knowledge (e.g., hard copy documents, digital files).

T0452: Design, build, implement, and maintain a knowledge management framework that provides end-users access to the organization's intellectual capital.

T0524: Promote knowledge sharing between information owners/users through an organization's operational processes and systems.


A0002: Ability to match the appropriate knowledge repository technology for a given application or environment.


Bachelor degree or higher from an accredited college or university

Prefer an accredited Computer Science, Cyber Security, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Information Systems, or Computer Engineering degree; or a degree in a Mathematics or Engineering field.


IASAE Level 2


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